plosive wind                   barbiturate winter
redbridge for nameless                  image1 calligraphed
creatures               animus after animus         antiquatesimage4
      & anastrophe     ungraving the cosmos     image3 of its soft       

ghosted night image2

                     breathless wind        oleander      & zinfandel
   / the arguments of angiosperms rehearsing
their rivered rhythms /      converged the disunited light

  i earthed my desire     beneath me     only for grass
  to grow my silhouette   language a ghost   of cloaked clothing
  so that to see my spirit   one saw static image4   thieving
the empty expanse     & words     a flock of wings
openmouthed     between sound     and its capture

and what to call that but time
passing through its architectures?

  had i not brought my vernacular lost image4   i would not
   have entered       my tongue even willing me   onward
   past   the broken frames enclosing me     an ensouled voice
 lending truth       to truism

                            / here, heal /

an oceanswept rain     pacifying the plural                
                            permeable embers    puncturing my solitary
unintentioned attention to                            come home

hunger called me        so i came       image4 spewed my riches & when
i saw what made a body longed for        / conquered /       stored citizens
inside me        & retched them from my inventoried abscesses            
and who to tell me food doesn’t make one warm?

i       ate so much i forgot i was full        ate so much i grew my words
to my mouth     so much to give me form but the city was only spirits image4

and how else to say nobody wanted me                     

and what to call that but language?                            

   the way the body keeps one safe       image4 is more complicated
      than hunger       the way hunger fails       when held to words
      vaster         than feasting                                
              how to hold my body open        but to follow anything with shape
/        to attach unvoiced hollow               to weight?              

Something solid tells me image4                    take courage       to hold
my hands in view     of sunset /                                                                     
                                                                      does it striate me? / no name
without mouthings       / no face                                                                                    
                                                        without presence /
to speak i say make form /                                                                             
                                                               to hold / stay awake